Convicted Galaxy


Convicted Galaxy Image

A small 3 team indie game I joined in production in it's early stages. Currently on Steam Early Access: Store Page



Deadworld Image

A turn based zombie-survival I co-developed for a class project with a small group of people.

Lost Kingdom of Heroes


Lost Kingdom of Heroes Image

An RPG that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect to move characters on screen. Developed during my internship with the UWSP-Advanced Development Agency.

Autism Movement Games


Autism Movement Games Image

A posture-tracking game utilizing the Microsoft Kinect, with the goal of researching the correlation between body coordination and the autism spectrum. Has since my time been developed further, and recognized nationally in this article.

Pocket Wars


Pocket Wars Image

A class project showing A* pathfinding and RTS style unit selection / movement on mobile, with some simple AI.

Flash Essay


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Final project for a class, focusing on the dangers of AI.

Flash: Turkey E-Card


Lost Kingdom of Heroes Image

One of my first class projects in Flash ActionScript 3.


I am a game developer.

I enjoy a broad spectrum of games, and aim to recreate experiences I have had personally for others to enjoy.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, double majoring in Computer Information Systems, as well as Web and Digital Media Development.

I worked at Skyward in Stevens Point, WI for two years as a Software Engineer. In my time there, I gained a strong proficiency in the C# language, MVC .NET web development, and the fundamentals of SCRUM agile development.

I am currently working on Convicted Galaxy with a small team under Mind Grown Software. We are aiming for a May release, and the game is currently in Early Access.